Mothers Day gift guide

Mothers day gift guide! Self-care This will look different for everyone.  For me and a lot of others I know, it’s time for yourself to re-energize.  I like to get a massage at Winas massage.  In the summer I love to get a pedicure and I recently had a great experience at Hope nails.  A Read More

When a crown fails: A case for orthodontic extrusion.

Problem: We had an unaesthetic and failing crown and inflamed gums that are not level with each other. Solution: Orthodontic movement (a combination of braces and clear aligners) and replacing the crown. Outcome: We obtained improved aesthetics and gingival health! Initial photo:  Gingival/gum inflammation next to the crowned tooth (#9).  The gingival levels are not Read More

How to support our community

The holiday season is fast approaching.  What does that mean?  Lots of fun and usually free community activities.  Trunk or treats, festivals, parades.  It seems like every week there is at least one fun event to take your kids to.  Most of these events are supported by businesses within the community.   This year I encourage Read More

How do I find the best Orthodontist?

If you are on the search for an orthodontist, a good place to start is asking friends and families for recommendations.  Ask them why they chose that office and if they would choose them again.  Another thing many people do is google the best orthodontist in South Lyon, or the best orthodontist in Milford, or Read More

Getting Rid of Diet Culture

We celebrated Fat Tuesday this week and I got Paczki for my office.  I had more than one person remark about me eating one, which immediately got my thoughts turning…. UGH! Diet culture.   Why do people comment on ME having a paczki?  Is it because I do CrossFit?  Is it that all women in general Read More

Why I chose Adult Braces!

I put braces on myself last week.  Yes, I actually put them on myself.  To be honest, I had been contemplating this for years now, but I finally just went for it!  Once I did it, I thought to myself, why did I wait so long to do this.   One of the things holding Read More