I’m an adult, do I really need braces?

As I have announced my plans to open my own office, I was shocked to see how much confusion there is in regard to adult orthodontic treatment!  So many people have asked, do you treat adults?  Of course I do!  I am an orthodontic specialist, meaning I understand the complexities of both kids and adult treatment.  I am the best person to see if you are looking for just a small adjustment or if you have a more complicated treatment.  In fact, some of my favorite cases have been adult cases where we have made changes better than we could have imagined.  So, you may be thinking, I am too old for orthodontic treatment!  You would be surprised to know I treat about as many adults as I do kids.  I won’t share how old my oldest patient has been, but let me just say, no one is “too old”.

While some do choose braces, many also choose Invisalign or clear aligners.  I will have a blog on braces versus Invisalign soon, but for now, know that you can most likely have either!  I recently posted a blog about going back into treatment after losing your retainer, which I think applies to many adults.  However, I also have many adult patients who have never had treatment as a child and now want the perfect smile.  Whatever your situation is, know we have a treatment plan for you!

To sum it up, no one is too old for braces, but if you are interested in orthodontic treatment, braces or invisalign is an option to obtain your perfect smile!

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