Mothers Day gift guide

Mothers day gift guide!


This will look different for everyone.  For me and a lot of others I know, it’s time for yourself to re-energize.  I like to get a massage at Winas massage.  In the summer I love to get a pedicure and I recently had a great experience at Hope nails.  A blowout is also a nice extra special treat, check out Hey Baby Beauty Bar.  The easiest, most peaceful thing for me to do, is just a grab a coffee and zone out.   Sometimes a hot coffee alone is enough to reset and energize for the day!  Biggby Coffee is a great place to stop.  What I love is that all of these places are LOCAL!  Right here in New Hudson.


I have never carried a purse until just recently and it’s changed my life!  The shoulder bag is so easy, I can sling it over my shoulder and throw my phone, chapstick and car key in there and go.  I almost never have pockets so this is perfect!  My first suggestion is Madrn, this is a woman owned company, which I love!  The bag is high quality and cute.

Another option, which is so popular they are often sold out, would be a lululemon belt bag.  You can go for the traditional fanny pack, but I also love their backpacks and bags to carry my things to work and for vacation.  They are a little pricey, but the quality is extremely high!


I also love athleisure wear.  In the summer my go to is an athleisure dress for EVERYTHING!   I will attach a few.  Lululemon is my go to, I have a few that are years old and have went through pregnancies with me!  Vuori is great too!  Then alo with built in shorts!

Maybe skip this!

The things I say no thank you to…. Flowers and cards!  Save the $5.99+ for the card and write a note!  Its thoughtful and basically free!  The flowers end up dying after a few days and are often marked up in price around this time.  But if flowers are their thing, consider a potted flower or something that can be planted outside that will last!  Or a beautiful succulent which will last and is fairly drama free, HAVE YOU SEEN OUR PLANT WALL!


And don’t forget, on Mother’s day we just want a no fuss day where we aren’t doing dishes or taking care of things.  Just relaxing and enjoying time with our kids!


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