How to support our community

The holiday season is fast approaching.  What does that mean?  Lots of fun and usually free community activities.  Trunk or treats, festivals, parades.  It seems like every week there is at least one fun event to take your kids to.  Most of these events are supported by businesses within the community.   This year I encourage you to look around and see who is there.  Take note and do what you can to support them.  Shopping their business is great, but even simply liking and commenting on their social media posts, or even better, sharing their page and writing reviews.

I will be sharing all the local events that are coming up on our social media.  Do not forget about our trunk or treat on October 22nd from 5:30-7.  Bring friends and family, all are welcome!  We will have pizza and many local businesses will open their trunks to offer candy to your family.  We will also have games and activities!

Also be sure to check out downtown New Hudson next week for the addition of scarecrows set up by local businesses!  While you are there be sure to grab dinner at one of the restaurants!  Finally, the night before Halloween the New Hudson DDA will be hosting a trunk or treat at the Methodist church which we will also be a part of.  Take advantage of the good weather and fun times while you can!  This is our community, let’s make it the best we can!

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