Braces or Invisalign, what is the right option for YOU?

People of all ages are seeking treatment to improve their smile.  While it may seem like getting braces as an adult is silly, I tend to disagree.  I place braces on adults every single day.  I actually think it shows you value your smile and your teeth.  If braces seem like too much for you, there are clear aligners like Invisalign or spark.  For most patients either braces or clear trays are an option.  I always tell my patients these are two tools, and as an orthodontic specialist I am an expert in both.  So, which one is right for you?  When you come in for a consultation, we will do a thorough evaluation and discuss your goals.  From there we will figure out which option is best for you, because everyone is different.  Basically, there are pros and cons to both.

For a person who is interested in something esthetic, Invisalign or clear aligners may be the better option.  Typically, you will have some tooth-colored buttons on your teeth to aid in tooth movement, but with the trays in they are basically invisible.  The problem with the invisible trays is that you can’t eat or drink anything other than plain water with them in.  Meaning you will either have to take them in and out to snack and then brush, or drop your snacking habit in order to stick to the 22hour wear time.  That also means you cannot leave them in when drinking your coffee or other sorts of drinks.  This can cause problems for some people because they may enjoy sipping coffee or enjoying other beverages.

With braces you can eat and drink throughout the day as you please.***  So, while you have a little more freedom to sip on your coffee or other beverages, you are restricted to things you can eat.  We recommend you do not eat anything too sticky, chewy or crunchy with braces on because you risk breaking a bracket.

The biggest difference between braces and clear trays mostly lies in compliance.  If the trays aren’t in for 22 hours a day you won’t get the desired results.  Many of my patients understand this and they know their tendencies, so we opt for braces.  The braces are glued to your teeth, so as long as you are coming to your regularly scheduled visits with your orthodontic specialist you are going to have straight teeth!

Are you still struggling with which option is best for you? I would recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation and I would be happy to review everything with you and we can figure out what is best for you!  But don’t let the idea of braces scare you off!  If you want straight teeth, put in the time and effort and I will give you the desired results!

*** Sipping on drinks other than plain water throughout the day can lead to cavities, so it is not recommended with or without orthodontic appliances.

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