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How to support our community

The holiday season is fast approaching.  What does that mean?  Lots of fun and usually free community activities.  Trunk or treats, festivals, parades.  It seems like every week there is at least one fun event to take your kids to.  Most of these events are supported by businesses within the community.   This year I encourage you to look around and see who is there.  Take note and do what you can to support them.  Shopping their business is great, but even simply liking and commenting on their social media posts, or even better, sharing their page and writing reviews.

I will be sharing all the local events that are coming up on our social media.  Do not forget about our trunk or treat on October 22nd from 5:30-7.  Bring friends and family, all are welcome!  We will have pizza and many local businesses will open their trunks to offer candy to your family.  We will also have games and activities!

Also be sure to check out downtown New Hudson next week for the addition of scarecrows set up by local businesses!  While you are there be sure to grab dinner at one of the restaurants!  Finally, the night before Halloween the New Hudson DDA will be hosting a trunk or treat at the Methodist church which we will also be a part of.  Take advantage of the good weather and fun times while you can!  This is our community, let’s make it the best we can!

Dr. Chrissy

How do I find the best Orthodontist?

If you are on the search for an orthodontist, a good place to start is asking friends and families for recommendations.  Ask them why they chose that office and if they would choose them again.  Another thing many people do is google the best orthodontist in South Lyon, or the best orthodontist in Milford, or Orthodontist near me.  This will give you a list of local orthodontists, likely ranked by their google ad words, and many other confusing marketing hacks.  While you are on google you can check out our five-star reviews!

We are very lucky to live in this area because we have so many choices! Once you narrow it down to a few offices, you can schedule a consultation to talk to the staff and orthodontist.  In our office we offer a free consultation where we will discuss options if treatment is recommended.  From there you will be able to ask your own questions and experience the vibe of the office.

The important thing is finding the right orthodontist for you and your family.  Affordability is always important.  We are in network with insurance companies and offer in house 0% financing.  A clean and modern office is good.  Some things that you may not think about, are the technology in the office.  By having more up to date technology, we can provide more efficient care.  No more goopy impressions, we use the medit digital scanner to replace this. We also have digital x-rays that are easily transferred to your dental office.   In today’s busy world, convenience is also a big plus.  We are conveniently located at the 96 and Milford road exit. We have flexible hours, late night options and are open one Saturday a month.

There is a difference between dentists and orthodontists.  All orthodontists are dentists, but only some dentists are orthodontists.  As an orthodontist we go to an additional 2-3 years of school to learn how to move teeth efficiently and effectively.  In fact, in dental school we didn’t learn any orthodontic care.

While DIY options like smile direct club and byte are all the rage these days, they are not recommended.  You wouldn’t put a cast on yourself if you broke your arm, why would you trust this type of system to move your teeth through bone!

In the end you will choose the orthodontist that best suits you and your family.  We hope you choose CD Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic needs!  We are the only Orthodontist in New Hudson, but convenient enough to see those in South Lyon, Milford, Highland, Novi, Northville, Brighton, Hartland, Howell and beyond!


A letter to my daughter as she starts kindergarten

My baby, you are entering kindergarten next month.  I will cry for sure, I always cry so that is no surprise.  Ever since I had you and Eloise, I cry at everything.  Sad things, happy things, sometimes just looking at you!  I remember growing up my Aunt Honey cried at everything.  It makes so much sense now.  All of this to say that I am not going to cry because I am scared or sad that you are growing up, I am just so excited to watch you grow up and become a young woman.  It fills me with such joy to be your mom!

You are a feisty one, Amelia.  I shouldn’t be surprised; I think you get a lot of your personality from me.  Stubborn, strong willed, opinionated, love TV and can quote movies already.  We are two peas.  But I think you are stronger than I was, more self-assured and confident.  I always doubt myself; I did things because I needed to prove to others that I could.  You seem to do things to prove to yourself that you can.

About a month ago you were introduced to the rope at gymnastics and you couldn’t climb it.  Since then, whenever we ask if you want to come to the CrossFit gym with us you jump at the opportunity.  You ask us to grab the rope down and you work on it.  Now just a few weeks later you are climbing up the rope.  I’m stunned how you went from barely holding on, to ascending that rope to the top.

You have always been my strong-willed child.  We have had many nights at the dinner table where we are both close to tears and you hold strong.   Let’s also not forget about the period where you refused to wear pants.  It was dresses and tights only, especially your “Grey grey pretty dress”.  This overlapped with my immediate postpartum with Eloise, so January!  I remember needing to be somewhere and you wouldn’t put on pants.  We argued for over an hour.  You take me to my breaking point at times. I know this will be beneficial for you later in life, but in these times it’s hard when I know I just want to nourish you or keep you warm.  Being a parent is hard because sometimes we tell you no to protect you, but you always come back and tell us how much you love us.

Amelia you are my first born, so not my baby.  But I will never think of you as anything else than my baby.  You made me a mom and you make this journey so rewarding.  I sometimes get sad and say don’t grow up, stay my baby, and you always reply to me, but mom I will always be your baby.  I hope that is true.

Like I always tell you, I am so proud of you!  You are kind, strong, smart.  You can do hard things.  Life will not be easy, but I am here for you always.  Keep your stubborn, hardworking, kind-hearted spirit with you forever.  Love you to the moon and back


Local events and small local businesses to entertain your kids this summer

Crazy to think that fall is just around the corner!  As July ends, we may be trying to squeeze out those last few summer moments before the kids go back to school.  As a parent to two young girls, I am always looking for fun things to keep them entertained, without breaking the bank.   I decided to put together a list and share our favorite local things to do that are either community run, or Michigan family owned and operated small businesses!

First, always check out your community pages.  This is the easiest way to stay up to date on the latest events.  If you follow them on social media, they will usually post the upcoming events.  My favorite (based on where I live) are

South Lyon Area Recreation Authority (,

Northville Parks and rec (

Milford township parks and rec commission (

Many times, the city will put on free events, like a movie in the park.   South Lyon is showing a movie at Mchattie Park on Friday July 30th.  Northville has a similar event with bouncy houses and a free movie on August 27th.  For the younger kids, you can find Tunes on Tuesday in Northville.  Music is in the town square every Tuesday at 10:30 and free to everyone.  Unfortunately, the last one of this year is August 3rd.  These social media pages will always share the upcoming events in the community, such as, music in the park, local fairs or other fun events.

The local library is also a great place to visit.  Our favorite is the Novi library the Lyon Township public library or the Salem South Lyon District library (  For now, you can go in and check out books.  I have heard they are bringing back in person activities soon!  Typically, they have crafts, story times, and holiday events, hopefully we will see these again this fall.

Maybury farms is a great place to take your kids.  Every Wednesday and Thursday they have story time at 11am followed by a wagon ride at 11:45. This is through September 30th.  Story time is free with admission, the wagon ride is $3.00 per person and kids under 2 are free.  Maybury farms mission is to connect the community to animals and teach about farming and where food comes from.  Go check out their website where you can read more about their mission.  Then take your kids for a fun experience.  In the fall they typically host even more events!

Carousel Acres is another farm that is in South Lyon.  While I have not been here, I have heard it is also a great place to visit and it is family owned and operated!

What is summer without ice cream!  I am so excited to try out the new Ice cream shop in South Lyon. Curvins.  This is a family-owned shop.  Directly from their social media page “We specialize in making premium ice cream with a focus on allergies. We offer delicious dairy, vegan, gluten free and peanut/tree nut free ice cream. Looking forward to seeing your smiles!”  As an aunt to a child with allergies, and being lactose intolerant myself, a shop like this is just what we need!  I’m looking forward to supporting this small business!

Kensington Metropark or Maybury State Park are a great place to explore as well.  I believe it’s only $12.00 a year for an entry pass!  Simply purchase with your plate renewal.

As August ends, the seasonal shops of Michigan start to offer their best, DONUTS AND APPLES!  Three cedars and Erwins are just two of the amazing options we have here in Michigan. And right within our community!

Of course, the easiest things to do with your kids and the least expensive, would be to just spend quality time with them.  Run through the sprinkler, blow bubbles, ride your bikes, have a picnic in the park.

We understand summer is a busy time. While the kids are out of school you are trying to get in a lot; family trips, fun adventures, while also getting in their doctor appointments.  Be sure to see your local community orthodontist, Dr Chrissy, before heading back to school!  If your child is ready to start treatment, we can sometimes start the process the same day.  This allows them to adjust to their new appliances before school starts, and also avoids needing to take them out of school for these appointments. Call today to schedule!


Can my teenager really handle clear aligners like Invisalign or Spark?

This is a really big subject in an orthodontic office right now.  Kids are coming in and asking for clear aligners like spark or Invisalign.  I refer to them as clear aligners because there are so many brands available, the appliance has its own market now!  Over the last 10-15 years the capabilities of a clear aligner have improved drastically. We can now correct things that even 5 years ago most orthodontists didn’t think was possible!  It’s a very exciting time in orthodontics.  An entirely new appliance that we are using to apply the mechanics that safely move your teeth, and they look nice too.

For kids who struggle with brushing, clear aligners may be a better option because they can remove them to brush.  Braces can be a struggle for those who aren’t willing to take the time needed to really clean around the brackets.

If you are in sports, aligners can be an easier option to fit with a mouthguard.  We can also avoid emergencies for broken brackets and poking wires, which can be irritating but also time consuming.

Clear aligners work well, they are easy to clean, and have very few emergency issues, but they still come with some pitfalls.  There are certain cases where braces are more effective and efficient, but these are becoming fewer and fewer.  They need to be removed anytime you eat or drink anything other than plain water.  If you are a big snacker this can be difficult.

What about the price?  In my office I typically charge the same fee for clear aligners and braces because to me they are just a different tool.

The major difference is compliance and how well they are worn.  When worn as prescribed, 22 hours per day, they can effectively move teeth as well as braces can.  BUT, if your kid doesn’t wear them, or they are sitting on the bedroom floor, they just won’t work.  In those cases, we have braces, which are glued on your teeth and will get the job done!

I am including pictures here from a  recent patient who is 6 months into treatment!  I have a post on instagram showcasing multiple 6 month progress cases from teenagers.  Their progress is remarkable.  We are now doing a mid-treatment refinement scan to get their final set of trays where we will fine detail things.  I have so many teenagers who are so successful with clear aligners.

So can kids handle clear aligners, absolutely!  The right kid who is ready to commit can have outstanding results!  Some kids still do better and prefer braces.  It’s really up to you and what is best for your family.  Come in for a complimentary consultation and I would be happy to discuss the best option for you or your child!

A small peak into Cancer Research by Jens Schmidt (PhD)

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jens Schmidt, and I am Dr. Chrissy’s husband. I grew up in Germany and I was an exchange student for my junior year in high school in Mayville, MI. As part of my undergraduate I came back for a research internship at the University of Michigan, during which I met Chrissy. I permanently moved to the US when I began graduate school at MIT, while Chrissy was in dental school at Boston University.  I did my post-doctoral work in Colorado with Tom Cech, Nobel Prize Laureate for his work on RNA.  I have a PhD in biology and now run a research lab at Michigan State University.

My research is focused on understanding how cancer cells keep growing. Our bodies are made up of trillions of tiny cells that carry out all kinds of different functions. Blood cells take oxygen to all parts of our body, brain cells help us think, move, and sense our environment. Basically, each cell has a very specific set of instructions on what to do. Part of these instructions is how much to grow. Our cells have a built-in timer that tells them when to stop growing. In cancers this timer is broken, and cells keep growing completely uncontrolled. In my lab we are trying to figure out how this timer works at the molecular level. The ultimate goal is to develop therapeutics that reactivate the timer in cancer cells to force them to stop growing.

In practice what that means is we use microscopes to shoot lasers at cells, so we can watch and study how molecules work in cancer cells. We then manipulate the cells, often using genome editing, to see how it changes how the molecules behave. Research is extremely rewarding, we do experiments that no one else in the world has done before, and we constantly learn new things. At the same time, it requires a lot of persistence and patience since most the time our experiments fail due to a variety of reasons. At the end of the day it is all worth it since we take slow but progressive steps forward to learn how our cells and bodies work and to develop new therapies that can be used to treat cancer and other diseases.